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words-go-roundJan Latta is the author, wildlife photographer, and publisher of 16 True to Life books. Her photographs and stories are genuine because she follows wild animals in their natural habits – in Africa, India, Borneo, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Costa Rica and China. She waits patiently for weeks, sometimes years to capture the magic photograph that tells the animal’s story. She is “the voice” of the animal to help their survival.

K to Y2: 45 minutes Y3 to Y6: 60 minutes

For young students Jan shows exciting and informative videos of endangered animals in their natural habitats. She tells a story about creating each book and some of her adventures. If age appropriate a power point presentation about sustainability and biodiversity and a discussion about endangered animals. There is question time during the presentation.

For older students Jan talks about coming face-to-face with a mountain gorilla and how this changed her life. Then writing the Diary of a Wildlife Photographer book, commissioned by the ABC. Jan shows exciting videos of animals in the wild and talks about her heartstopping adventures. Endangered animals are discussed at question time. Jan also talks about writing, photography and book production.


This is a fun workshop where students “Go on a Safari” after watching Jan’s videos.


Jan needs to use the school’s computer with sound attachment, microphone and
projector to show the MP4 videos in a darkened hall or library.


Jan has given school talks in Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, China and Asia Pacific. She is a Books in Homes Ambassador.

Jan is a popular speaker at schools in Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, China and Asia Pacific. She is a proud role model for ‘Books in Homes’.

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