Adopt a baby elephant

61320165339-pic3I adopted little Mbegu last October when I went to visit the Shelrick Elephant orphanage, in Naroibi, Kenya. I received an email report each month about her progress. This month I was so delighted to receive this one.

“Our Mini Matriarch Mbegu is still caring of all the little ones, even surprising the keepers with her sense of love and concern for the babies. One day, sensing that one of them was unwell, she made her own way to the Baby group to carefully inspect them all individually, eventually focusing on the one that was unwell and giving him special attention and consolation. Towards the end of this month, we moved five elephants from the Nursery, the first group destined for our Ithumba Relocation Unit where they will remain very much dependent on both milk and Keepers for many more years, but with the advantage of mixing with our Ex Orphans and their wild friends, which is all a part of their journey back to living a free and wild life again.”