shapeimage_2One morning at Rekero Camp I woke up to the sounds of a pride of lions close to camp. Their roaring is so loud. After one lion finished his performance another would return the call on the other side of the river. My tent was in the middle. After a mug of tea I rushed into the jeep with my guide. I’ve never moved so fast! One lion was huge. He just sauntered past the jeep less than a metre away. What a magnificent sight – a full black mane, a powerful body rippling with muscles, and in contrast, that soft flop, flop of his huge padded feet. Later in the day I had the rare pleasure of seeing the famous lion Notch with his sons all entwined around each other under the shade of the tree.

mum-cubAnother night a lion invaded the camp. He plonked himself next to the dining tent and the brave staff had to take a detour to serve dinner. They did everything to keep the lion’s location a secret from the guests. Dinner was late.

After dinner, and the guests safely back in their tents, the manager went searching for the lion. The lion had sauntered off after eating the resident hedgehog.

A trail of quills a sad record on the ground.