Walking with Lions (without being eaten)

lion-teethA young African said, “Would you like to walk with lions?” I said “Yes”, then thought of a hundred questions I wanted to ask him – how many, how big, how dangerous and for how long?

All these questions were answered when I was told the “lion rules”. I walked into the bush, my heart thumping out of my chest. I saw three panting female lions and one handsome male resting in the shade. And they were big. They had paws the size of plates and rather sharp teeth. I followed them into the bush.

When the lions wanted to rest, there was an opportunity to pat them. The guide said, “Walk slowly up to the lion from behind, place your hand firmly on its back to let the lion know you are there.” I started to stroke the lion. Wow! I tried to think of him as a very large cat, but it didn’t work. This lion could eat me for lunch! The hour was up too soon. It was an amazing experience walking with lions in Zambia.